Hi. I’m Aaron Grando, a web developer and designer in Brooklyn, NY.

I live with my girlfriend, two cats, and about a dozen plants. The cats and I are natives of Philadelphia. Everyone else came from New York, as best as I can tell. I miss hoagies.

I’m interested in technology as entertainment, the new aesthetic, and reducing the burden that over-anxious technology has placed on our lives.

By day, I assume the role of Tech Lead at RTO+P. That means I help strategize, build, and maintain the dev team, and the apps built by the team.

In 2012, I created What Say Co. and a line of @Horse_ebooks-inspired tee-shirts. In 2014 I was quoted in the New Yorker saying something about long cons.

I’m keeping a blog on this website. Please enjoy reading the entries and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, criticisms, or corrections.

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