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Below is a comprehensive list of all my blog posts since mid-2013. My favorites are marked with a tiny face.

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How much does it cost to sell stuff online?

Looking at the current state of consumer ecomm fees.


Introducing a new tool for Responsive Design.

Things I Like

Putting out some posi vibes on things I'm into.

Anxiety Debt

Mental overhead from our digital social lives is getting us down.

Responses to Alisha Miranda’s Questions on Growth

Some insider peeks into the RTO+P culture.

Three from Last Week

Company retreats, client projects and babaganouj.

For the Love of the URL

A love letter to the endangered visible URL.

The Internet is a Mirror

Reminding myself that the internet is what you make of it.

Eating Your Own Final Boss

Thinking about thinking about making video games.

This Website

Consider this my "About" page.

An Intro To Heroku Addons

Helpful links for developers new to Heroku.


Motivation, cold weather, and moving to New York City.

The 1-line Productivity Hack

A simple way to block distractions.

Complexity = Features2

One simple equation to imagine complexity in a digital system.

What Ad Agencies’ Job Openings Are Really Saying


Let’s Hang Out.

Like, literally.


The journey can be so addicting, I might never arrive.

Engineers and Advertising

Advertising is a great outlet for engineers looking to do good and stay creative.