What Ad Agencies' Job Openings Are Really Saying

Creative Director, Design — Our art directors are too jaded to talk to clients.

Creative Director, Copy — Our copywriters are too tired to lead.

Copywriter — We need you’re help.

Art Director — We just burned out someone like you.

Account Manager — We just fired someone like you.

Senior Account Manager — Someone like you just left to start “their own thing”.

Biz Dev — We killed all of our client relationships dead.

Community Manager — We’re at least savvy enough to not mention “Social Media” in a job title.

Social Media Manager — We also talk about SEO.

Digital Strategist — The partners know nothing about computers.

Digital Producer — The account team knows nothing about computers.

Interactive Designer — The creative team knows nothing about computers.

HTML5 Developer — Nobody here knows anything about computers.

Flash Developer — We forgot to update our job listings. Since 2009.

Lead Developer — The development team is mostly college kids.

Front-end Developer — Our engineers hate our creative team.

Engineer — We’re building innovative applications. On Facebook.

Full-stack Developer — Someone here reads Hacker News.

Content Strategist — Someone here reads A List Apart.

UX Director — Someone here read Don’t Make Me Think.

Producer — We love TV.

Senior Editor — We love Vimeo.

Junior Editor — We love Youtube.

Project Manager — We need a common enemy to keep things running smoothly around here.

Office Manager — We need a babysitter.

Intern — We need this place to look full when clients come around.

This is a pretty obvious satire, but looking at other agencies’ job listings has become a sort of pastime of mine. Imagining the internal shenanigans that led to a their search is great fun.

Thankfully, when I’ve had to put listings out there, it’s always been “there’s too much damn work”, a good problem to have, and nothing nearly as sinister or desperate as the above.

So, speaking of which: We’re hiring.

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